Safety and Sanitization Measures

We are aware that everyone has concerns about COVID-19. As a Sanitation focused Salon and Spa, we want to reassure you that we are taking every precaution to provide all clients with a safe and germ-free environment.

Beauty professionals are trained to use heightened sanitization beginning in beauty school. These practices have allowed us to keep our clients and staff healthy for many years. Now that Covid-19 has entered our world, we have become even more diligent with our cleaning and disinfecting.

As with most salons, we have been using the industry standard sanitizer Barbicide. We have also introduced a stronger and faster product that has been approved by the CDC to use in the fight against Covid-19. It kills this virus and many more on contact instantly, while the vapors travel thru the air killing any airborne particles.

We offer hand sanitizer throughout all our salons, and are asking all clients to continue masking up. We understand that everyone has a different comfort level, we hope the measures we are taking make everyone feel accommodated and safe.

We are blessed with a well-educated staff that looks forward to taking care of you during your next appointment. This is a perfect time to relax and pamper yourself to relieve your extra stress.